Friday, March 28, 2008

Whale's numbers are thinning, but still singing

People on the ocean are reporting less whales, as the annual migration to northern waters progresses.  However, we are still hearing lots of singing on the hydrophone.  A problem was reported on the paypal donation button on our home page.  The problem has been fixed.  We are well on the way to raising the $10,000 minimum it takes to keep this project alive.  I'd like to raise $100,000 this year, so we can move forward on other projects including curriculum materials for schools, and outreach to the international education community.  We want children who have never even seen the oceans to have a chance to connect with them and to appreciate their importance for a healthy planet.  Of course we'd like to reach adults as well.  I'm afraid with the ice caps melting (and other problems on the planet) that I'm not sure if we have, as a world society, learned to be responsible adults yet.  Action is needed more rapidly than governments are responding.  What can we do?  I ask myself that question all of the time (exasperated).  One of my favorite sources of information and positive ideas come from David Suzuki.  You might want to check out his web page.  Aloha to all.  Have a great weekend.

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