Sunday, March 30, 2008

Something Positive on a Sunday Morning

Maybe you got the same email from Al Gore, but if you didn't he's created an organization called We Can Solve It to address global warming.  The effects of global warming on whales and the oceans in general are debatable, but most observers agree it is going to make the world look very different if we don't do something.  Doing something seems important anyway because we are eventually going to run out of oil.  So we might as well do something now rather than later.  Here's a link to Al Gore's website where you can sign a petition and receive more information.  The whale are still singing energetically  this Maui morning.  Occasionally I am losing the feed as we exceed our maximum number of listeners.  We are looking into adding streams.  Much aloha to everyone out there who is listening and reading this.  Take good care.

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