Friday, November 14, 2008

Entering a New Season

We are entering a new whale season, and optimistic that our new President and Congress will move America in a direction that is healthier for America and the World.  In recognition of the fact that what happens on land affects the health of the oceans, we are working on some initiatives related to clean energy and sustainability we will share with you as this season progresses.

You can see from these photos that we are on the move and working on getting Hōkūmoanalani back in the ocean.  Samuel David (blue shirt) and Gerhardt (in blue jeans, a visiting volunteer from Germany) opened her up for inspection.  Sheʻs looking good inside, and Samuel has given her a first coat of paint.  I put a microphone in the ocean yesterday and heard a lone distant whale singing.

We are saddened by news of the Supreme Court decision on Navy sonar use, which we feel is unbalanced.  I want to repeat that we at The Whalesong Project believe that national security is important, AND that national security depends on a healthy environment and healthy relations with other nations on the planet we share.  We feel more emphasis should be placed on international cooperation to protect the environment and to reduce the need to use dangerous technologies that are harmful to the whales and other sea life.  I met recently with Senator Daniel Inouye, and again expressed to him these concerns, and reminded him of the need to fully investigate whether sonar use is related to the recent whale strandings in Hawaiʻi.

We are grateful to be here, amazingly, for our ninth season of bringing the live songs of Mauiʻs Kohola (humpback whales) to the world.  Thanks to all of you who help make this possible with your contributions of money, time, wisdom.

These photos were taken by Anna Kim.  Thanks Anna!