Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Whale Songs are live again!!!! Hooray!!!

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this whalesong webcasting season possible. The system is working again. There is some static tonight that I think I can clear up tomorrow. Iʻve been working nights on it so I can keep my day job going to pay the bills. I got as far as I could in the dark and now the dish antenna for the receiver is duct taped to a fence post. It should sound better once I can get on the roof in some daylight. Thanks everyone for your patience. To listen live go to www.whalesong.net, or try this link. Or paste this link -


into your I Tunes player under Advanced Settings, Open Stream.

More great pictures of the launch by Anna Kim are posted on her website.

Thanks for listening. Aloha kākou!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Buoy Launch 2009

Wow! I can barely believe we are going into our ninth season. Here are some pictures taken by Anna Kim of our launch today.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hōkūmoanalani is back in the ocean! Stay tuned.

We had a perfect launch of the buoy today. Many thanks to Steve Hogan and Makena Coast Dive Charters for delivering her to her mooring site in perfect condition! Shelly reset the anchor with new line. We had a great crew today. We worked into darkness to bring the songs to the website, but couldnʻt finish the job. Weʻll continue work this week. Anna Kim took some great pictures weʻll share later. Please stay tuned.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

We try again tomorrow....weather permitting

We're ready to go. I finally have a better understanding of why our "aqua-acoustic" pool was not replicating our test audio music accurately. My friend Karl, who produces sound tracks for Sony Motion Pictures, explained that the round chamber produces "spiderwebbing" as the acoustic signal bounces "all over the place." A smaller chamber actually produces a more authentic test. The end result will be how good (and authentic) the whale songs sound. We hope we will all get to witness this tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned! Thanks Karl!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

We launch tomorrow morning if the weather is favorable

One of our younger volunteers, Nari, is shown testing the buoy system which includes the dish antenna, receiver and audio amplifier for the shore side of the operation. Note the "accoustic pool" we have been using to simulate the ocean environment. Everything is working well and we hope to launch in the morning if the weather is good.
The "shaka" is a Hawaiian greeting. Obama used it to wave to the Punahou band at the Inauguration Parade. We use it to say Aloha and stay tuned for live whale songs soon!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Inching closer to the launch ramp

We have been fine tuning the hydrophone and running some tests. The weather has cleared, after closing schools and government offices this week, but our launch boat is broken. We are looking for a boat and hoping to set a launch date for midweek. Pictured here (l to r) are Shelly, our diver and anchorwoman, Leanna, who is a boat captain and environmental educator on Maui and in Santa Fe, Sher, a Whalesong Board member. Leanna talks about our project to visitors when she takes them out into the ocean. I thank each of these fine women for their help, inspiration and support of the project.

And I want to thank BJB Charitable Trust for their substantial financial support of the project. The economic situation is a challenge for our project, as it has been for many. Each of you out there who has sent money has our deep gratitude. We have been running on $5,000 to $15,000 per year, all volunteers, no salaries......all costs above what comes in are carried by me and our other volunteers. We would very much like to move this project substantially forward, and that is going to require us focusing some time on fund raising. The buoy is the first priority so we are going on credit cards until she is working.

I also want to welcome President Obama. We look forward to working with him to keep the oceans healthy.

I've been very uncomfortable in many ways with our outgoing president, but I want to thank him for creating and providing protection to Papahānaumokuākea, the Northwest Hawaiian Islands National Marine Monument, and adding three other National Marine Monuments in recent days. Mahalo, George Bush, for these important gifts to the world. I hope Democrats and Republicans can now work together and with other world leaders to create the peace, stability, awareness, and proactive programs required to further protect our precious oceans.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We Keep Getting Closer

Aloha everyone! I have a friend from the film/music industry coming by tomorrow to do a sound check with me on the system. We have an aqueous sound chamber set up, and everything seems to be working pretty darn well. Our launch boat is in the shop, so if you know anyone with a boat who would like to help launch please let us know. Stay tuned. Thanks for your patience. Much aloha, Dan