Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Whale Songs are live again!!!! Hooray!!!

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this whalesong webcasting season possible. The system is working again. There is some static tonight that I think I can clear up tomorrow. Iʻve been working nights on it so I can keep my day job going to pay the bills. I got as far as I could in the dark and now the dish antenna for the receiver is duct taped to a fence post. It should sound better once I can get on the roof in some daylight. Thanks everyone for your patience. To listen live go to www.whalesong.net, or try this link. Or paste this link -


into your I Tunes player under Advanced Settings, Open Stream.

More great pictures of the launch by Anna Kim are posted on her website.

Thanks for listening. Aloha kākou!

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portablekid said...

Aloha to the man who bubbled up at 11:01 PST today (Friday Jan. 30) and sang a little tune. Listening in from Bellingham, WA.