Monday, March 17, 2008

Humpback Calves indeed produce "vocalizations"

Whales are mysterious creatures, and I have learned to be humble and cautious when making any statements or speculations about their behaviors.  Seven years ago I was strongly criticized by a whale research scientist for stating (to a local newspaper) that some of the sounds we hear on our hydrophone are mother-calf communications.  It seemed obvious to me for some reason, and we have also observed these communications while kayaking off the coast here with a hydrophone. Research by the Cetos Research Organization has now "confirmed evidence that humpback whale calves produce sounds."   Whew!  I appear to have been vindicated.  They also confirm there are vocal communications between mothers and calves, and that both male and female calves produce vocalizations.    Read more in the Honolulu Advertiser article.

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