Monday, March 3, 2008

The system is working well again

A trip to Honuaula has paid off in a successful repair of the hydrophone system.  Everything is working  well, and the whale songs you are hearing are indeed live.  Fascinating songs this Monday afternoon....    On my drive over I listened for the first time to David Rothenberg's CD and was deeply moved by the songs he collected and compiled, and by the delicate weaving of his instruments with the whale songs.  His website for the project is  We are looking forward to having David back on Maui very soon, and to the concert/sharing at Studio Maui on March 19.  David will also be with Whalesong at the Ritz Carlton Hotel for Celebration of the Arts on Easter Weekend.  See for more info.  Please come visit us there as we share whale songs, live and recorded, and talk story with the community.

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