Monday, March 23, 2009

Whales are very active here and so are the people

This is Bonnie Crystal, who customized the radio transmitters and receivers we have been using for these past nine seasons, in her Hong Kong laboratory.  Bonnie just sent us two sets of back up systems for the buoy!!!  Thanks again for coming through for the project Bonnie!!!

The whales are quite active as we pass the middle of the season.  Numbers are down a little but the songs continue and they are changing as the season progresses.  Katie Velasquez, naturalist aboard the Prince Kuhio out of Maʻalaea, snapped this photo for us on Friday.  The whale breached thirty feet from the boat.  Katie is an ocean researcher and activist and keeps us informed on important issues.
I was invited to this "Whalesong birthday party" last night.  Raphiell Nolin (wearing the lei) invited his friends to come to his party and bring a donation for The Whalesong Project in lieu of gifts.  His enthusiasm and support for our project made me feel really appreciated.  We made music with the live whale songs and there are some really good musicians in this group.  We had a really great time.  Thank you, Raphiell, for your support!  Happy Birthday!!!

People are working to put another benefit for our project this Friday evening at Mandala Ethnic Arts in Paʻia, organized by our friend David Rothenberg.  More to follow.   Thanks to everyone who is pitching in to help keep the project going!!!!

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