Monday, March 23, 2009

Hawaiian Language Whalesong Website

Kanikoholā means the sound, "kani," of the humpback whale, "koholā."  I think Koholā sounds better than "humpback."  I actually prefer the Hawaiian language to any of the other languages I speak or play with.  It expresses things differently than other languages I am familiar with, and it has a beautiful sound to it.  And there is wisdom hidden in the language and the way it is articulated.  The language was almost lost.  It was illegal to speak Hawaiian in the schools here until 1986.  Thanks to Punana Leo o Maui and other organizations, the language is returning.  I am grateful to my teachers, and I want to contribute keeping the language of Hawaiʻiʻs people alive.  Kanaka maoli and other interested parties can now hear the songs of the Koholā at our new website  Please enjoy.  E kalamai i aʻu, I apologize in advance, for any errors in my Hawaiian.  Iʻm open to feedback, contributions, ideas, direction on this cultural component of our project, which will be growing.

malama i ke kai, e ola kākou

by taking care of the oceans we bring health to us all

Aloha,  Dan

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