Sunday, March 1, 2009

Of Whale and Human Musicians and Our Project

We are about half way through whale season here.  My Hawaiian friends tell me the whales arrive at the beginning of Makahiki Season, a season of peace, when the Sandalwood trees bloom and the Pleides come up over the horizon.  There are new songs this year and it is always amazing to me to hear the song change as the season progresses.
My dear friends and brothers George Kahumoku Jr. and Ed Bigelow are pictured here with me making some music for friends one beautiful day.  Ed and George are both founding board members of our project.  Ed, with the ukulele, is President of our Board of Directors.  Ed has some health issues he is dealing with right now and he is in our prayers.  George is playing guitar and Iʻm playing bass.  We love to play music together and Iʻm looking forward to more.  Come home soon, Ed.
Here we are at Whale Day in Kihei, and thousands of people came by our display to hear the live whale songs.  These international students were seemingly transfixed by the beauty and mystery of this yearʻs songs.
George was there with us and played on the main stage to a huge audience.  George is known for his beautiful Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar music and his melodic voice.  He is also known for playing music with the whales, and he played live with the whales on Whale Day to an appreciative audience.  He also let me hold one of his three Grammy Awards, which he brought to share at our display.  Humans and Whales love to sing, and Iʻm grateful that we do.  It brings beauty and joy to life.

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