Friday, April 4, 2008

Dolphin Bubble Rings, Oceans, Hawai'i

Broadening the conversation a bit -  Pamela Melenani Polland sent me this very fun and playful video link of dolphins playing with bubble rings.  Mahalo e Melenani!  

Katie Grove-Velasques sent this link to the UN Oceans Atlas project.  It has great information on ocean ecology.  The organization is elsewhere pointing out the problems of "desertification" of certain parts of the ocean due to acidification from carbon dioxide.

Two airlines serving Hawai'i went bankrupt this week, leaving many looking for other ways to get home to Hawai'i, or back to their homes from Hawai'i.  The cost of fuel and living continue to get higher here, leaving many local people in a tight squeeze.  For the many prosperous people who buy increasingly expensive homes in gated communities here, it is not a problem.  Local people, Hawaiians who have lived here for generations and have lost land and culture in ways that were not just, continue to be squeezed.   

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