Sunday, May 3, 2009

Back to Recorded Songs - and more David Rothenberg on Whalesong audio processing

Well, the live whale songs have receded into the background, and our buoy and related technology on the other side of the island need some attention. Iʻve gone back to recorded songs on our webcast. The webcast recorded songs have not been processed, as our live songs are not - except for a little bit of EQ to reduce the high frequency "noise" produced by the shrimp out there on the reef.

During his recent visit, David Rothenberg introduced us to a world of audio processing that he sometimes uses on his CD tracks with whale songs. Some of the technology is very interesting to us, because we can actually reduce the noise of the surface water motion and shrimp - and focus on the whales. We are saving money to buy the software and give it a try next season.

Anyway, I put up a short video clip here - of Davidʻs workshop for our project team. Thank you David!

There are still reports of whales out there, but sightings are becoming less frequent as they head north. Itʻs been a beautiful whale season. Thanks to all of you who have shown support in one way or another!

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