Friday, May 29, 2009

We brought the buoy in!

We went to Sea on Sunday and brought Hōkūmoanalani back to shore. Our crew, left to right is Philip Gordon, Hein Hazenberg (from Amsterdam), Terry, Captain Willy Bennet (with his boat behind our group), Eva Gueke, and Trisha Pualani Cabral. Big thanks for a successful mission!!! The buoy is in excellent working condition and we had a wonderful time into the ocean while we were out there, thanks to Captain Willy and the professional yet fun loving crew that assembled for the adventure.

The cleaning was done at sea, and we always strive to leave every living creature safely in the ocean when we pull the buoy out. The photo above by Philip Gordon shows the buoy is in basically good shape for when our singing Koholā (humpback whales) return next fall. We are lucky in this project to be surrounded by mermaids and dolphins. The dolphins below were photographed by Whalesong Project supporter Pamela Kaʻimiloa Polland.


fox said...
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fox said...

Hello and greetings to members and friends of The Whalesong Project.
Was browsing and checking your webpage. And i was so very happy that Eva Gueke is amongst you all.
She's a very special person and old friend, i haven't seen her in years, ... I send her greetings. Miguel from the times visiting Integral Yoga... she probably will remember.
Keep the good and wonderful work you are all doing.

fox said...

forgot to post the link where i saw the pictures->>>>>

fox said...

feel free to send me an email :)