Thursday, August 26, 2010

Meet the Whalesong Project Board of Directors - Kent Noonan

This is Kent Noonan, the Vice President of our Board of Directors. Kent originally joined the project for what he calls "totally selfish reasons." He wanted to hear the whale songs every day and couldnʻt find time to go out in the ocean.

After a couple of years experimenting with home made hydrophones and kayak excursions, he discovered our fledgling project, which was just completing the first season webcasting from a sailboat in Maʻalaea Bay. From the webcast he could hear the whales without having to leave work.

He happened to have some esoteric electronic parts in his lab that were needed for the project, and werenʻt available anywhere else out here in the middle of the Pacific. Dan and Kent met, and an enduring friendship and partnership was born. Kent began to "appreciate what an amazing contribution to the world our project was." He has put in countless hours building and servicing the various generations of buoys so that people all over the planet can connect with the whales and their mysterious songs.

Kent brings wide experience with high tech electronics to our project, and a very big heart. His day job includes lasers, optics, radiation detectors, magnetics, subtle energy research, biomedical applications and more. Ken tries to spend much of his time and energy making the world a better place.

Kent is a big part of The Whalesong Project, and we are all very grateful to have him on board.


Tom said...

Hi Kent,
I am writing to you from another wonderful island called Boracay in the Philippines.
I found your site today and am quite excited about a collaboration with your live broadcast of the whales songs. My wife and I are Watsu teachers. Watsu is an aquatic body work done in a pool at 97 degrees. Most people experience a profound state of relaxation and reconnection to themselves.
My idea today was to feed your broadcast into the pool here while giving Watsu sessions. If other people are like me, they enjoy the relaxing effect of listening to the song of humpback whales.
If you go to youtube and word search "Watsu Boracay" you will see my wife giving a session.
Your thoughts?

Tom Neff

Tom said...

Hi Kent,
I don't see a way for you to respond to my last comment so you can write to me at


Caitlin Ensor said...

Dear Kent,

Thanks a lot for these wonderful recordings! I enjoyed listening to them a lot. A friend and I are making an artistic piece which is a film and I am making the music for the film. It is not something we are earning money with, but if we get through the selection it might be shown at a festival in Berlin. Of course we would then also give you credit for the recordings. Would you be willing to give your consent, so we may use the whale sounds as part of a musical piece that will accompany the film?

Thanks a lot,

Best wishes,
Caitlin Ensor