Thursday, February 5, 2009

Whales "Celebrate Obamaʻs Inauguration"

My friend Pamela Polland just sent me this link to an interesting YouTube Video with this description of what is happening with an active group of whales.

"Just minutes before a traditional Hawaiian blessing to honor Barak
Obama's Inauguration, a pod of joyful whales began gathering by the
temple where the event was taking place. People at the gathering who
have lived on the Big Island their whole lives, had never seen
anything like what took place on this special day. This happy pod of
whales began with 3 white belly breaches, followed by spyhopping,
slapping their fins and tails and a new behavior we have never seen
before that we nicknamed the full body slap... for a full 30 minutes!
The voice you will hear in the background is Haleaka Iolani Pule
Dooley, known locally as "Aunty Aka" and you can hear the excitement
in her voice as the whales celebrate wildly in front of her and those
gathering for the special blessing"

I have no comment as to whether the whales were indeed "celebrating" Obamaʻs inauguration, but if they were, I share their excitement.


Aloha, Dan

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