Monday, October 6, 2008

Sonar Issue goes to the Supreme Court

This Wednesday the Supreme Court will hear presentations from the U.S. Navy and NRDC over the Navyʻs use of sonar off of Southern California. It is an issue that involves national security and the health of cetaceans and the ocean itself. Read more here.

Markus and Silke, of Whalesong Germany, have been visiting California. We were able to spend some precious time together. They are really wonderful friends, and care deeply about the worldʻs oceans and the future of the planet for our children. They have redesigned the website for this season, and it looks really good. Stay tuned to see improvenments as the season progresses. I am attaching a picture of Markus, Silke and their beautiful son Samuel.

The first whale of the season has been spotted off of Molokini. We will be working diligently to get the buoy back in the water as early as possible this year. Thanks to all of you who help to make this all work.

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