Friday, August 1, 2008

Perspectives from 30,000 feet

I'm writing from the upper deck of a jumbo jet overlooking vast ocean as I write.  It's a different perspective on the world from up here.  I am heading to Asia to work on a couple of projects.

It was hard to leave's always hard to leave my home there....but particularly hard to leave while the mystery of the whale who died recently on Molokai is unfolding.    An article in yesterday's Maui News describes the incident.  I'm not confident that the cause will be fully investigated in an impartial way.

I don't want to harp on the bad news too much.  Here's some good news:  Japan, where I am heading, is making major commitments to creating green belts, to solar and wind technologies for generating electricity.  China, where I will be soon, is investing in electric cars and wind energy systems.  I picked up a Forbes Magazine at the airport and most of the issue is dedicated to green technologies from electric cars to solar panels.  The Wall Street Journal says that some of the major obstacles to fuel cell technologies are being addressed successfully.  Maybe we can turn things around if good news keeps coming in like this.

The view of America, as seen by the rest of the world, is a bit disturbing.  With Guantanamo Bay, lack of action on global warming, etc., they seem to think we have lost our way.   One whale lost its way last week and I hope we can find out if it is a result of our human actions.

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